Telstra - free calls to Lifeline from mobiles

  • All Telstra mobile customers can now call Lifeline 13 11 14 for free in Australia. This includes Pre-Paid and Post-Paid customers, as well as Pre-Paid customers who are out of credit.
  • Anyone can call Lifeline 13 11 14 for free from a Telstra payphone
    (sometimes coins / card will need to be inserted to initiate the call, but these will be refunded at the end of the call)
  • Telstra‚Äôs recently launched Freedom® Connect mobile plans include calls to 1800 and 13 numbers as part of the monthly included allowance.
  • Calls from fixed home phones to 13 advice and assistance lines, including Lifeline, are charged at the local rate price. These calls are untimed so people can spend as long as they need on the call.
  • Calls to 1800 advice and assistance lines are Telstra free call numbers for customers on the Telstra fixed network. In most cases this call is free from a fixed line.