Alcohol, other drugs and additctions

  • Alcohol and Drug Service aims to minimise the harm caused by the use of alcohol and other drugs.
    Address: New Town: St Johns Park, New Town 7008 | Launceston: 13 Mulgrave Street, Launceston 7250 | Ulverstone: 11 Grove Street, Ulverstone 7315 Phone: New Town: 6230 7901 | Launceston: 6336 5577 | Ulverstone: 6429 8555 Email: No email address available
  • Alcoholics Anonymous provides information for people who may have a drinking problem and for those in contact with people who have, or are suspected of having, a problem.
    Address: Hobart: Rm18, 2nd Flr, McDougall Bldg, Ellerslie Rd, Battery Point Phone: Hobart: 6234 8711 | Launceston: 6334 7060 Email: No email address available
  • Australian Drug Information Network (ADIN) provides a central point of access to quality Internet-based alcohol and drug information provided by prominent organisations in Australia and internationally.
  • Break Even Problem Gambling Service is for people who have a gambling problem, and their families and friends.
    Address: No address available Phone: 1800 243 232 Email: No email address available
  • Detox and Needle Exchange is an organisation who offers a range of health services that target harm minimisation with regard to alcohol and other drugs.
    Address: 56 Collins Street, Hobart Phone: 6233 6722 Email: No email address available
  • Devonport Youth Alcohol & Drug Service provides outreach support and counselling to young people; needle exchange; family drug support service; and school/college peer support alcohol and drug program.
    Address: 23 Steele St, Devonport 7310 Phone: 6424 1531 Email: No email address available
  • Drink Thing It’s a good idea to be aware of how alcohol may affect you, your friends or someone you know, and if you choose to drink, how you can do so more safely.
  • Drinking Choices has information about alcohol-related health issues and Australian Government policy.
  • DRUG ARM Australasia is a non-government, non-profit organisation committed to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle without the use of unnecessary drugs.
  • Drug Education Network (DEN) is committed to working with communities/schools/families to enable communities to take action for their health.
  • Drug Info Clearinghouse is a service provided by the Australian Drug Foundation (ADF). The core purposes of the ADF are to prevent drug problems and reduce drug-related harms; and to help people remain safe if, when and while they use drugs.
  • Drug Policy Alliance provides information on the effects of drugs.
  • Drugs - the facts contains useful information about drugs for a various range of people, including drug users, families, friends or anyone who is affected by drugs or wants to learn more about the harms of drugs.
  • Gambling Helpline Tasmania provides free and confidential 24/7 telephone crisis support as well as referral information for the Tasmanian Break Even Network of gambling support services.
    Address: No address available Phone: 1800 858 858 Email: No email address available
  • Glenorchy Illicit Drugs Service (GIDS) is for young people (25 years and under) who are affected by the use of alcohol and other drugs, and their families and friends.
    Address: No address available Phone: 6273 5855 Email: No email address available
  • Headspace Northern Tasmania is a youth friendly, community based health service for young people aged 12 – 25 and their families. Young people can receive help for a range of issues including health, education, work, mental health and drug and alcohol use.
    Address: Cnr Brisbane and Wellington Street, Launceston Phone: 6336 4480 Email:
  • Health Effects of Tobacco is a resource site on the effects of tobacco use.
  • Holyoake Tasmania Inc offers a range of group or individual counselling programs for people affected by their own or another's addiction or substance abuse.
    Address: 127 Davey Street, Hobart Phone: 6224 1777 Email:
  • Narcotics Anonymous Australia provides a directory of meetings around Tasmania and nationally for narcotics problems and contact phone numbers.
  • OxyGen promotes and encourages healthy lifestyle choices and provides information on the impact of tobacco and resources on how to quit smoking.
  • QUIT - Tasmania has a mission to promote health for all people in Tasmania by undertaking activities designed to eliminate or reduce exposure to tobacco in all its forms.
    Address: 145 New Town Road, New Town Phone: 13 78 48 Email:
  • QUIT - Tasmania Youth Resources provides fact sheets and Lesson Ideas for youth on Tobacco and its effects.
  • Tune In Not Out Tune In Not Out provides 24hr TV for life’s challenges, such as alcohol, drugs, mental health, exams, sex, independence and relationships.
  • Whats the Rush is a drug and alcohol website for Australian teenagers. The website contains detailed, factual drug and alcohol information as well as talking about the risks and effects, safety and health information.